Everyone loves porch swings, but not everyone has the right space for them. Sometimes your porch is too small, or not strong enough for hanging a swing. Sometimes we just prefer to put our swings out in the garden, and need not only a sturdy stand, but often a canopy for shade. Swing and frame sets come in endless variety of styles and materials. There is something about a wooden swing set that immediately bring you back to your childhood. If your garden does not have a nice shady tree, you will also need a shade for your swing. It can be a canvas awning or a small pergola that will naturally attract green vines. You can play with materials and combinations until you find just the perfect free standing swing set for your family.

You might not realize how much you love being outside until you sit around a table to eat a meal, play cards, or just chat in the fresh air. There is something luxurious about eating in the open air-feeling the warmth of the sun, hearing the birds happily chirping, smelling the flowers, seeing all the life and growth around you…you will find yourself wondering why you spent so much time indoors before. And, with the cutting edge inventions of today, the cold weather can’t be your excuse. There are so many affordable heaters and fire pits that make an outdoor table perfect for year round use. We even have a huge selection of affordable picnic tables and adorable kid size tables. Whether you need a dining table to fit 10 or more people, an intimate bistro table for 2, or just an accent table, we have the table for you!

Our Wooden Outdoor Furniture come in many different sizes, styles, and colors. There are many features and options are available. They are built custom to your needs. Shown is just a very limited amount of photos of what’s available. Each unit is constructed to last!.


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